Official Number
Yard Number: 244
Launched first week of April 1887

Master for most of career: J Angus

Description: Two decks, two masts, schooner rigged, round stern, clench built, no gallery, three quarters female figurehead, steel passenger vessel.
Engine Details: Steam by a screw, three triple compound, inverted, direct acting, 24"x63" with 36" stroke, 250H.P., 1830i.h.p.
Boiler: Number 2 steel, 12'3" diameter, 16' length, 8 corrugated 44 and one quarter" mean diameter furnace with 4378 square feet heating area and 160psi.
Propeller: 12'8" diameter, solid 4 bladed cast iron.

Passenger only vessel until 1908 when two hatches were inserted and passenger accommodation removed from lower deck.

12/5/1887: Registry opened. Archer Irvine Fortescue of Kingussie, Kincardine (gentleman), Alexander Webster of Aberdeen (advocate) and Alexander Milne Ogston of Aberdeen (merchant) joint owners, 64 shares.
26/5/1887: Maiden voyage. 15.5 knots, 142 passengers.
1908: Two hatches were inserted and accommodation removed from lower deck.
23/9/1909: Certificate cancelled, registered anew in consequence of material alterations.
February 1914 - stranded on Graemeshall, Orkney.
1919: New boilers under Order No. 01.19.
1928 - Stranded near Peterhead.
10/4/1930: Aground on Mousa, Shetland. Later broke up and sank.

Leeds Mercury, 5/4/1887:
Tours to west coast and fjords of Norway. Splendid new 1st class passenger steamer ST. SUNNIVA leaves Leith and Aberdeen 26 May on 10 days cruise. Fortnightly thereafter.

Aberdeen Journal, 14/5/1887:
New steamer ST. SUNNIVA has been fitted up with electric light installation comprising 136 lamps fixed throughout the ship. Light was turned on for first time in presence of large number of spectators, who expressed admiration for brilliancy of the display.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 23/5/1887:
Splendid new steamer ST. SUNNIVA, built expressly for Norwegian trips, left Aberdeen Saturday to enter upon seasons tours. Select company on passage to Leith included Mr. Merrylees, manager of owners and Mr A.H. Russell of Hall Russell. ST. SUNNIVA will remain at Leith till 26 May, when she will return to Aberdeen for 1st voyage to Norway.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 22/6/1887:
ST. SUNNIVA at Aberdeen last night to take on passengers for her 3rd trip to Norway, as on former occasions, she remained in bay and tourists were taken aboard by harbour tug. Total number aboard about 150. Large number of bookings for ST. SUNNIVA's 10 cruises has induced co. to make 2 additional runs on ST. RUGNVALD.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 12/12/1887:
ST. SUNNIVA was launched 24 March and fitted with triple expansion surface condensing engines of 250 nominal h.p., 2 steam boilers working pressure 160lbs per square inch, steam winches and steering gear. Complete installation of electric lights and bells. Whole internal arrangements on scale of magnificence.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 7/6/1888:
ST. SUNNIVA arrived Aberdeen after 1st cruise of season to Norway - disembarked 8 passengers at Aberdeen. Weather very favourable for most part. Held on to Leith.

Dundee Courier, 21/6/1888:
After ST. SUNNIVA left Molde one of her passengers, a Free Church minister from Dunfermline, fell overboard. Steamer, travelling at 15 knots, immediately turned round. Boat was launched and minister, fortunately a good swimmer, was brought on board in short space of 8 minutes. Considerable excitement among other passengers, at lunch at the time. Subscription raised for crew of small boat. Minister none the worse of his dip.

Leeds Mercury, 30/8/1888:
Splendid 1st class steamer ST. SUNNIVA, from Leith 1st Sept. for 31 day cruise to Baltic, including Christiana, Copenhagen, Stockholm and St. Petersburg. [ST. SUNNIVA cruises very extensively advertised in north of England newspapers - described as "Quickest and cheapest route" to fjords.]

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 23/5/1889:
1st cruise of season - from Leith and Aberdeen. ST. SUNNIVA underwent a thorough overhaul last year, one of her saloons being enlarged and more sleeping accommodation provided. A week or two ago she was docked and again received additional improvements.

Morning Post, 16/8/1887:
ST. SUNNIVA direct from Leith for Hardanger fjord 31 August.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 16/9/1889:
ST. SUNNIVA laid past for season having completed summer trips to Norway.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 2/4/1895:
ST. SUNNIVA chartered by Mr. Wollrich and Dr. Lunn for Whitsun cruise Baltic capitals.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 13/7 + 5/8/1896:
ST. SUNNIVA rescued passengers from French tourist steamer GENERAL CHANCZY, ashore near Floroe. French press claimed ST. SUNNIVA refused to help unless her services were paid for, but French admiralty stated captain of ST. SUNNIVA acted in handsomest manner. Captain Angus of ST. SUNNIVA is one of the company's most trustworthy servants, having been in their employ nearly 40 years, known as a careful navigator, thorough seaman and has on several occasions displayed conspicuous gallantry.

Standard, 26/4/1899:
ST. SUNNIVA 12 days cruise London - Leith, Aberdeen and Orkney and Shetland Isles, including remote and picturesque Fair Isle and Foula, leaving 29 June. Particulars Thomas Cook.

Dundee Courier 10/6/1898 + Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 15/6/1898:
Former claims ST. SUNNIVA ashore for half and hour on rocks near Peterhead in fog. Latter claims she was saved from disaster by Peterhead pilots coming aboard just in time and that she proceeded on her voyage to Aberdeen and Leith.

Liverpool Mercury, 6/5/1899:
Splendid steamer ST. SUNNIVA to leave Leith 19 May, 3, 16 + 27 June and 10 July for 10 days cruises to Norway.

Press & Journal report, 12 April 1930:
The vessel went aground on Mousa on Thursday 10th April 1930.
A dramatic account of the wreck on Mousa, with Captain Williamson in command, as the vessel began to go down by the bows within ten minutes of striking and passengers began offering prayers. All passengers were safely taken off and the vessel sank a few weeks later, having been broken up by stormy weather.
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
North of Scotland & Orkney & Shetland Steam Navigation Company
length 227 7/12' x breadth 29 7/12' x depth 22 11/12'
Gross Tonnage: 966 ton

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