Official Number
Yard Number: 232
Iron Screw Steamer

Cost: £15,751

Launched in October 1883
Registered at Aberdeen 16 November 1883
Description: One deck, two masts, schooner rigged, elliptic Stern (round scored out ad changed to elliptic), clench built, no gallery, no head and iron framework.
Engines: 1 pair compound inverted direct acting, 95 horsepower
Engine description: Number 1 steel boiler, 12'10" diameter, 10' length, 3x39" furnaces with 1422.8 square feet heating area and 100 psi.
Propeller: 10'11" diameter, solid 4-bladed cast iron.

Initial Owner: William Leslie, shipowner, Aberdeen (64 shares).
5 July 1884: William Leslie owns 45 shares; shares sold to ten others including John Crombie Jnr., of the Grandholm Woollen Mill family.

1884-85: Master J. Brown & J. Buyers, owners of W. Leslie & Co.
1890-91: Master G. Stephen

13 November 1892: Shipwrecked off Ventnor, Isle of Wight, on voyage from Swansea to London with coal. Captain G. Stephen. 'Intelligence received of a serious explosion on board the S.S. GRIPFAST off Ventnor...ship foundered 30 minutes after explosion. Mate killed and one seaman injured. Sank in deep water, bosun drowned, but rest safe and landed at Ventnor.'
[Larn, Shipwreck Index of British Isles, Vol. 2, Sec.2]

Listed as "GRIP-FAST" in Lloyd's Register for 1884 but as "GRIP FAST" in the Lloyd's Register for 1889

Glasgow Herald, 23/12/1884:
Steamer GRIP FAST passed St. Catherine's Point, Isle of Wight, 21 December, Baltimore for Rotterdam.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 25/12/1884:
Dutch meadow hay to arrive per steamer GRIP FAST, due Aberdeen next week.

Glasgow Herald, 9/6/1885:
GRIP FAST, British steamer, Boston-Baracoa [Cuba] spoken 22 May 34N 72W (off Wilmington, North Carolina).

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 20/5/1886:
W. Leslie to start regular goods service Aberdeen - London with S.S. GARAWATH. If sign of development, S.S. GRIP FAST will also be put on.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 21/7/1887:
Steamer GRIP FAST arrived from Shetland carrying 2451 barrels herring, which found ready buyers.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 5/8/1887:
To herring curers & merchants - splendid fast sailing screw steamer GRIP FAST (Capt. John Buyers) specially constructed for carrying herring and fitted with tween decks fore and aft, will go on berth Aberdeen 4 Aug. to load for Danzig and Libau; Accommodation for 10 passengers, 18-20 days to Libau and back to London £6 exclusive of provisions.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 2/9/1889:
Close of herring season - several big consignments have been loaded at Aberdeen, largest perhaps being steamer GRIP FAST's 2 cargoes, amounting on both occasions to about 5000 barrels sent to Konigsberg and Stettin.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 19/10/1889:
Steamer GRIP FAST, of Aberdeen, reported yesterday morning ashore on Trimingham Beach, floated without assistance.

Belfast Newsletter & Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 29/6/1891
About 7 a.m. Saturday, during a thick fog, steamer GRIP FAST, of Aberdeen (Capt. Stephen) ran ashore on Cairnsulg Point, near Fraserburgh, quite near the beacon. She was on passage Archangel-Aberdeen with cargo of timber batten and oats. Before striking, the steamer's whistle was heard off Kinnaird Head and when fog lifted the craft was discovered on the rocks. Vessel floated in course of afternoon and proceeded to Aberdeen assisted by tugboat.
W Leslie, Aberdeen
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
length 200' x breadth 28' 1" x depth 15'
Gross Tonnage: 860 ton

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