Official Number
Yard Number: 223
Iron screw steamer
Launched March 1881

Registered at Aberdeen, 14th April 1881

1 deck, 2 masts, schooner rig
Engines: 1 pair compound direct acting inverted surface condensing, estimated 60 horsepower

Initial owner William Leslie, merchant, Aberdeen (64 shares). By 22 November 1881 nine other owners; the largest being John Crombie and Theodore Crombie of Grandholm Woollen Mill.

1882: J. Brown, surveyed at Swansea and Calcutta, damage repairs 1881.
1884-85: A. Reid
1886-87: W. Stephen, surveyed Aberdeen
1890-91: W. K. Campbell

Sunk by collision 1891

Dundee Courier, 20/5/1881:
GOVAL, steamer, of Aberdeen, from Nantes, while entering Swansea harbour, struck the pier, splitting several bow plates and other damage.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 12/7/1882:
Herring merchants and curers - splendid fast sailing steamer GOVAL, specially constructed for carrying herrings is now on berth at Aberdeen loading herrings for Stetting and Danzig, W. Leslie & Co., Aberdeen.

The Standard, 21/7/1883:
Steamer GOVAL, from Havre, at Lizard 20 July.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 28/1/1884:
GOVAL's departure Aberdeen-Sunderland delayed by foreign seaman Neilson falling into hold while putting hatch supports into position. After treatment, was able to proceed on voyage.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 22/8/1884:
While David Reid, Labourer, was rolling barrel of herrings across plank on to steamer GOVAL, he accidentally fell into the dock. An old man William Anderson gave the alarm and was standing on the plank holding a lamp. A number of men came rushing and accidentally knocked him in. Capt. Reid, master of GOVAL, was about to lower himself down with a rope to help the two in the water when he also fell in. The three men were subsequently rescued by James Murray, Labourer, and a constable.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 18/3/1885:
Steamer GOVAL at Point Law is now shipping the balance, 1100 barrels, of last season’s cured herrings for the continent.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 11/1/1886:
Portland cement - Just discharged from steamer GOVAL, cargo of the London Portland Cement Co.'s MANUFA CYURE. James Tulloch & Co., Aberdeen.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 21/7/1886:
Splendid fast sailing steamer GOVAL will sail from Aberdeen about 27 July with first cured herrings for Stettin and Danzig.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 19/1/1887:
Per steamer GOVAL from Great Yarmouth, 1830 barrels unbranded matties to Swinemunde [Poland].

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 30/5/1887:
Steamer GOVAL has sailed from Stornoway to Stettin with half cargo of herrings.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 20/2/1890:
Master of steamer GOVAL reports that on 14 Feb. one of firemen, John Masson, Aberdeen, on coming aboard at Rouen Laye at night, fell into water and was drowned. He joined at Cardiff a few weeks ago.

Lancaster Gazette, 5/4/1890:
During fog on the Mersey, steamer GOVAL, at anchor midstream, was run into by a hopper barge. GOVAL was from St. Valery with cement for Manchester ship canal. Her crew were rescued by the hopper barge.
W Leslie, Aberdeen
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
length 160' 5" x breadth 23' 1" x depth 12' 3"
Gross Tonnage: 443 ton

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