Yard Number: 206

EUCLID joined The Lamport and Holt Fleet in 1877.

Sold on to shipping interests in Brazil in 1889.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 3/9/1877:
Screw steamer EUCLID, lately launched from building yard of Hall Russell & Co., proceeded to bay on Saturday & after a highly satisfactory trial trip, left for Liverpool to take in passengers & cargo for Buenos Aries & Rosario [River Parana].

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 11/9/1877:
Liverpool, Monday - Liverpool, Brazil & River Plate Co's steamer EUCLID sailed for Montevideo and Buenos Aries.

Ipswich Journal, 17/11/1877:
Schooner DAUNTLESS, of Ipswich, which was run down of 9 Oct. by steamer EUCLID at Montevideo, has just been sold with her cargo.

Daily News, 27/11/1877:
Madeira, 25 Nov. - Liverpool, Brazil + River Plate Co's steamer EUCLID, from the Brazils, has arrived here & left today for Southampton.

Leeds Mercury, 2/1/1878:
Liverpool, Tues., Liverpool, Brazil and River Plate Co's steamer EUCLID left Mersey today for Montevideo and Buenos Aries direct.

Leeds Mercury, 31/10/1878:
Southampton, Wed - Lamport & Holt's steamer EUCLID, which arrived here yesterday from River Plate & Brazil, proceeded last evening to Antwerp & Liverpool, having landed mail, 6 passengers and £1,000 in specie for London.

Glasgow Herald, 30/11/1880:
New York, 27 Nov. - Lamport & Holt's steamer EUCLID left here today fro Liverpool.

Liverpool Mercury, 5/7/1881:
Steamer EUCLID has arrived [London] from Buenos Aries wit £48,315 in specie.

Glasgow Herald, 17/3/1885:
River Plate, 3 March - steamer EUCLID for Dunkirk & London left today.

Glasgow Herald, 23/5/1888:
New York, 21 May - steamer EUCLID arrived here today from Rio Janeiro.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 4/2/1890:
St. Vincent [Cape Verde Islands], Monday - Lamport & Holt's steamer EUCLID, from River Plate for Liverpool, left yesterday.

Liverpool Mercury, 6/1/1893:
On board of trade's request, Liverpool local marine board presented William Copeland, late A.B. of steamship EUCLID, with bronze medal & £2 for services in rescuing crew of MAGGIE W. SMITH on 11 Nov. On that date EUCLID, Captain Farrell, was on voyage New York - Liverpool when, to eastward of the banks in strong gale MAGGIE W. SMITH, Newfoundland - Gibraltar with fish, had rudder failure & was making water. Captain asked for he & his crew to be taken off. Volunteer crew led by chief officer Mr. Jones & including W. Copeland, launched lifeboat despite tremendous sea running & succeeded in transferring distressed crew of 7 men to the EUCLID, where they received every kindness & were all safely landed subsequently at Liverpool. Mr. Copeland said he would be just as ready in future to perform the same service. Capt. Farrell is to be acknowledged on next arrival.

Freeman's Journal, 4/10/1894:
Steamer EUCLID from Liverpool arrived Rio Janeiro Tuesday.

Freeman's Journal, 4/3/1895:
Steamer EUCLID arrived Pernambuco [Recife, Brazil] from Liverpool Friday.

Liverpool Mercury, 25/10/1899:
EUCLID, steamer, Brazilian, Rio Janeiro for Para [Belem, Rio Para, Brazil], general merchandise, Para, 10 Oct. - Brazilian steamer EUCLID was towed in here yesterday by Brazilian steamer ITATAYAIA with rudder & machinery damaged. She had a series of accidents by grounding, etc., she was towed about 220 miles from Gurupi Point.
Liverpool, Brazil and River Plate Steam Navigation Co., Liverpool
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
length 277' x breadth 32 7/12' x depth 17 7/12
gross tonnage 1545 tons

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