Iron Screw
Official Number
Yard Number: 200

Vessel registered to Dundee.

Vessel stranded and lost in wind conditions SSW force 2. On voyage from Middlesbrough to Dundee with cargo of iron.
55.19.35N 01.32.45W Amble, Hauxley, Bondicar Rocks

Ipswich Journal, 31/5/1879:
In consequence of some serious disturbance on board screw steamer FERRIFER, we understand vessel was brought up in the river and did not proceed on its voyage till yesterday morning (Friday) instead of Thursday. Stated the disturbance was in fact a mutiny.

Newcastle Weekly Courant, 30/1/1885:
A Newbiggin fishing boat at sea about 6 miles ENE of Newbiggin fell in with the crew of the steamer FERRIFER, of Dundee, which had gone ashore on some rocks south of the Coquet (Island near Amble, Northumberland) during dense fog. The men had to take to their boat immediately as the steamer went to pieces. They had rowed about from 6 o'clock previous evening till 8 o'clock following morning. They were landed on the beach by the fishing boat, having lost everything. They were kindly cared for at the King's Head Inn and afterward forwarded to their homes in Aberdeen by Mr. Brown, agent at Newbiggn for the shipwrecked fishermen and mariners society. Vessel was on voyage from Middlesborough to Dundee with cargo of iron. She was under command of Captain Spence and owned by James Wallace & Co.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 12/2/1885:
Board of trade have ordered a formal investigation into stranding of small steamer FERRIFER, to be held at Aberdeen, where master and crew belong to, and have been cited to appear as witness. Master is A.R. Spence, 95 Rosemount Place, Maye Thomas Reid, Schoolhill, engineer George Thompson, seamen Robert Hendry and Andrew Murray.
J Wallace, Dundee
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
length 85 3/12' x breadth 17 7/12' x depth 8 3/6'
Gross Tonnage: 84 ton

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