Official Number
Yard Number: 197
Date of Build/Launch: November 1875

Lloyd's Register:
1877-78: Owners General Steam Navigation Co. Port belonging to London. Master T. Hayes. Engines by Hall Russell 75R.H.P.
1881-82, 1883-84, 1884-85: Master D. Scannell.
1886-87, 1888-89: Master A. E. Harding.
1892-93: Master A. F. Abbott.
1895-96: Master J. H. Lidstone since 1894.
1897-98: Master R. D. Arnold.
1899-1900: Master J. Dennien.
1910-11: Owners General Steam Navigation Co. Master J. Wood.

Lloyd's Register return of ships totally lost:
Wrecked on voyage London-Charente in ballast near Chasseron, Ile d'Oleron (W. France), 1 January 1911.

Daily News, 22/12/1884:
Lloyd's agent at Amsterdam telgraphs that IMBRO and MERLIN (both British steamers) have been in collision at Ymuiden [Holland], both vessels are damaged.

Glasgow Herald, 08/05/1885:
Lloyd's agent at Lisbon telegraphs that MERLIN, British steamer, has put into Lisbon with cargo shifted.

Daily News, 29/11/1886:
London sailings - Nov. 26, MERLIN, steamer, for Hamburg.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 02/01/1891:
The General Steam Navigation Co.'s steamer MERLIN, from Hull for London, anchored at the mouth of the River Humber with shaft broken. She has a general cargo, but no passengers.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 28/09/1891:
The steamer MERLIN from London for Charente [near Rochefort] has been towed into Dover with shaft broken.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 11/07/1892:
British steamer MERLIN, reported today aground in the Elbe, has been refloated and towed to Cuxhaven with rudder damage.

Glasgow Herald, 19/02/1894:
British steamer MERLIN, Harlingen for London, general cargo, sat upon her anchor in Zyder Zee. Some cargo has been put into lighters. Has 10 feet water in forehold.

Daily News, 11/06/1897:
Steamer MERLIN of London, proceeding down Long Reach, River Thames, last night, had to anchor off Green Hithe owing to machinery being disabled, but has repaired and proceeded.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 20/10/1898:
Steamer MERLIN, London for Havre, passed Deal in tow. Returning to London with machinery out of order.

Western Mail, 17/09/1900:
MERLIN, steamer, London for Charente. Arrived Dartmouth with steam pipe burst.
General Steam Navigation Co., London
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
length 189 3/6' x breadth 26 1/12' x depth 14 3/6'
Gross Tonnage: 643 ton

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