Official Number
Yard Number: 193
Date of Build/Launch: September 1874

Registered Dundee

1875/76: Master J. Spence
1877: Master J. Spence

'Shipwreck Index of the British Isles' Vol. 4, R. & B. Larn:
19th July 1877
On a voyage from Dundee to Archangel
Cargo - Ballast
Position - Fair Isle, South Harbour, Head o' the Baa, 59.30.40N / 01.38.40W.
Struck the rocks in fog and wind condition E. Force 3. The passenger, the Rev. James Watt of Glasgow, had taken to his bunk being very seasick, and on hearing the noise and commotion of her stranding, thought that she had put into port somewhere. He therefore ran on deck demanding he be put ashore at once! Local fishermen took off the crew and shortly after she sank in deep water.
The wreck lies very scattered in 20m. depth, her prop shaft and four bladed iron propeller still visible amongst the rocks.
The Captain is named as Patterson.

Dundee Courier, 16/10/1875:
Gravesend, 14 Oct - Steamer DUNCAN, for the North, has put back with her machinery damaged.

Huddersfield Daily Chronicle, 14/4/1876:
Lloyd's telegram states terrible gale raging in the Baltic. Many vessels wrecked - wrongly reported to include DUNCAN, steamer, of and from Dundee for Revel with a general cargo.

Dundee Courier, 24+25/7/1877 & Aberdeen Journal, 26/7/1877:
Vessel left Dundee in ballast for Archangel to load a cargo of tow & codilla, with crew of 13 & one passenger, an English clergyman Mr. Watt. The following morning she was overtaken by thick weather, and while endeavouring to pick her way cautiously, she suddenly struck on a ledge of rock at south end of Fair Isle, sea being comparatively smooth. Ship's 3 boats were immediately launched & 2 kedge anchors were towed in them from the stern seaward to prevent the ship driving further on the rocks. When the anchors were left go, the chains were hauled tight by a steam winch, and the engines reversed at full speed, but the vessel remained fast. Shortly after she struck, about a dozen skiffs belonging to the inhabitants came alongside their occupants, besides helping to tow the anchors seawards, assisted the crew to land their clothing and a quantity of stores, a task accomplished with no small difficulty and danger. The crew, with the boats lying alongside, remained on the steamer until the main deck was covered with water, when they abandoned her and rowed for the island. Next day nothing was seen except her bilge and following day she had disappeared entirely in deep water. The crew were most hospitably entertained by the islanders. Mr. Watt, who was on a holiday tour to Shetland, baptised 8 children on the island. The crew were taken to Lerwick by the steamer ST. MAGNUS. Capt. Patersen remained in Lerwick. The rest of the crew proceeded by ST. MAGNUS to Aberdeen and then most of them by train to Dundee. The mate, William Lawson, who belongs to Pittenweem, left Aberdeen on the ST. MAGNUS for Granton.

P M Duncan, Dundee
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
length 189 3/6' x breadth 26 1/12' x depth 14 3/6'
Gross Tonnage: 627 ton

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