Yard Number: 188

Dundee Courier, 26/12/1873:
Screw steamer GLOAMIN, Capt. McKechnie, expected to leave docks for Birkenhead with cargo of 3 large boilers, machinery and funnel for large steamer fitting out there. GLOAMIN'S hatches, large already, had to be lengthened and widened.

Dundee Courier, 1/2/1877:
Steamer GLOAMIN, on leaving Sunderland yesterday for Dundee, was dashed against the pier by a wave. Bow was damaged and she had to put back for repairs.

Western Mail, 22/12/1877:
Steamer GLOAMIN, Dundee-Calais with coal, ran ashore at Flamborough head during fog on 20 Dec. and filled with water. Tide has since flowed over her and she will probably become total wreck. Crew saved. Owned by R.A. Mudie & Sons, Dundee.

Dundee Courier, 26/12/1877:
Broke up Sunday evening; cargo a total loss, but a few stores saved.

Dundee Courier, 11/1/1878:
Board of Trade enquiry re loss of Dundee steamer GLOAMIN near Flam borough head 20 Dec. Capt. John Farrow gave evidence that he sailed on morning of 20 Dec., coal laden, for Calais. Weather was hazy all day. Sailing at about 8 knots, when he passed Flamborough he altered his course a point or two and thought that would carry him round Flamborough head. At 8:30pm he saw breakers and altered hi helm about 2 and a half points, but vessel only answered helm about a point and she struck about 1 and a half miles north of Flamborough head. Gun was supposed to be fired from Flamborough head in fog, but he heard none till half an hour later. In answer to question, he said no soundings were taken and fog lifted and fell periodically. William Anderson, second mate, corroborated master's statement, and said weather was thicker before vessel struck. David Mitchell, mate, was below. Mr. Pagaw on behalf of Board of Trade charged captain with having caused stranding of ship through unskilful and negligent navigation. Hearing adjourned.
J & R Mudie, Aberdeen
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
length 189 3/6' x breadth 26 1/12' x depth 14 3/6'
Gross Tonnage: 607 ton

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