Official Number
Yard Number: 184

Description: 2 decks, 2 masts, schooner rigged, round stern, clencher built, no galleries or figurehead, iron frame, screw steamer, 2 compound engines, vertical direct acting, made by Hall Russell & Co. Aberdeen in 1872. Diameter of cylinders 29" and 55 and a half ", stroke length 3'. 130hp.
(Source: Aberdeen Shipping Register (Aberdeen City Archives))

1883: Transferred to Douglas Steamship Co.

3 October 1897: Stranded near Brown's Rocks entrance Haitan Strait and lost.

(Source: www.shipslist.com)

Aberdeen Journal, 1/1/1873:
We learn that the screw steamer NAMOA, built by Hall Russell & Co., Footdee, arrived at Singapore having been only 30 days making passage from the downs.

Hampshire Advertiser, 17/1/1891:
NAMOA left Hong Kong for Swatow at 8am 10th December with 5 saloon and 220 Chinese deck passengers, chiefly returned emigrants from Straits Settlements with their savings. At 1:15pm, same day from among Chinese passengers a band of 40-50 appeared on deck dressed in a uniform not unlike Chinese soldiers and armed with revolvers and cutlasses. They divided themselves into 4 bands and began simultaneous attack on saloon (where Captain and passengers were at lunch), the engineers' and officers' quarters, the bridge and the engine room. Attack so sudden and determined that resistance impossible. Second officer was made prisoner and ordered under threats of instant death to show where treasures and valuables were. 2nd engineer and 2nd officer shot in the arm. Another gang, pointing revolvers through skylight of saloon, told captain they were going to rob passengers. Captain Docock was shot in right breast, staggered to his stateroom and sank dying on his bed. 2nd mate was compelled to go into saloon and tell passengers to come out of their rooms, where they had hidden, and go into the captain's stateroom, where the captain lay dying and all the Europeans were brought together and door nailed up. Before leaving pirates threw a bag containing about 200 dollars into engine room as present to native firemen. They quitted the ship after being in possession for about 8 hours. Ship returned to Hong Kong, where wounded were removed to hospital. Pirates took only personal belongings, cargo was not taken, although it included 40 chests opium.
D Lapraik & Co., Hong Kong
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
length 240 7/12' x breadth 31 1/12' x depth 17 1/3'
gross tonnage: 1375 ton

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