Yard Number: 183
Launched in June 1872

Renamed: DUNVEGAN (1932)

Description: One deck, two masts, schooner rigged, round stern, clench built, no gallery, no head, iron framework.

Engine details: Steam screw, two, direct acting, compound, 24"x45" with 30" stroke. 80hp, 292.2ihp.
Boiler: Number 1 - iron S.B., 21'1" diameter, 9'10" length with 2 P.F. furnaces with 1359 square feet heating area and 65psi.
Propeller: 11'7" in diameter, cast iron, solid 4-bladed.

19/7/1872: Trial trip.
1878: Purchased by Pyman, Watson & Co., Cardiff from Thos E. Watson, West Hartlepool.
8/9/1887: Aberdeen registry opened. John Ellie & Charles McHardy, both of Aberdeen, joint owners, 64 shares. Transferred from 20.1872, West Hartlepool.
12/12/1899: Owner John Ellis, 22 Regent Quay, Aberdeen (coal merchant). 64 shares.
7/5/1904: Mortgage to North of Scotland Bank Limited, Aberdeen.
1917: Collision damage, starboard side at engine room. 5 plates renewed, also extensive bottom damage. Docked 26/7/1917 - un-docked 3/8/1917.
29/2/1928: John Ellis died. Estate to trustees.
24/7/1928: Discharge of mortgage.
27/10/1932: Owners Monroe Bros. Ltd. (Liverpool or Aberdeen). Renamed DUNVEGAN.
1942: Owners Springfal Shipping, London.
1945: Converted into a floating laboratory and permanently moored off HM Anti-Submarine Experimental Establishment at Fairlie on the Clyde where it was used for development work on ASDIC equipment.
1958: Demolished.

Dundee Courier, 20/7/1872:
The fine screw steamer SPRAY, built by Hall Russell & Co. for Watson & Co., West Hartlepool, went out to the bay for a trial of speed against the measured mile, when everything worked very satisfactorily. Main speed attained was 9 and one quarter knots on 6 and one half CWT of coal per hour. SPRAY leaves for Newcastle next week under command of Captain Deid. [24/7/72: Left for Newcastle to load cargo of coals and iron for Copenhagen.]

Daily News, 20/4/1874:
Steamer SPRAY, of West Hartlepool, found the French Companie General Transatlantiques steamer AMERIQUE (4,500 tons, previously abandoned by crew and passengers) with 6-8 feet of water in her engine room. SPRAY and steamer F. T. BARRY towed her into Plymouth.

Manchester Times, 16/7/1874:
Judge regretted charge of theft by owners of AMERIQUE had not been withdrawn. Ship had been abandoned off Ushant, 14 hours later was discovered by barque AUBURN, which put 2 men aboard, and subsequently by SPRAY, which put 5 men aboard and began towing (joined by F. T. BARRY following morning.). £500 awarded to AUBURN. £15,500 to SPRAY and £14,000 to F. T. BARRY. Cooper and mate of SPRAY to receive double share.

Western Mail, 11/12/1874:
AMERIQUE's owners claimed award excessive, judgement reserved. Reported SPRAY, Newport for Gibraltar, on 15 April came on AMERIQUE, mate and two seamen boarded her, followed by engineer, water in her hold was gaining, they secured side ports and set some sails.

Daily Gazette, 27/12/1877:
Steamer SPRAY, of Newport, Newcastle-Keil with coal, grounded in Keil Bay near Laboe, but floated after discharging 150 tons of cargo into lighters, has arrived Keil apparently undamaged.

Western Mail, 30/11/1878:
Steamer SPRAY, of Cardiff, Capt. Donovan, Alloa-Pillau with coal, grounded on leaving Alloa and will have to lighten.

Dundee Courier, 11/11/1879:
Steamer SPRAY ran down and sank off Danish coast schooner MILKY WAY of Fraserburgh.

Manchester Times, 11/8/1883:
During heavy weather off Flamborough Head, steamer SPRAY, of West Hartlepool, struck steamer TEES broadside on, so violently that TEES speedily sank. Crew saved from boats by SPRAY, which was comparatively uninjured.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 22/2/1889:
Owners of SPRAY, Ellis & McHardy of Aberdeen, given judgement against owners of steamer CLUTHA, of Sunderland, for collision 21 June 1888 on river Wear.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 17/4/1893:
SPRAY stranded during fog on St. Mary's Island near Blyth, got off by tugs. Several plates indented. [13/5/1893: Board of Trade enquiry - Capt. Allan ship would not have gone on rocks if course he set before going below had been properly steered. Mate, who had been steering, argued compasses must have been defective. 16/5/1893: Mate's certificate suspended for 3 months.]

Dundee Courier, 11/10/1894:
SPRAY, Capt. Allan, grounded on Coquet Island near Mouth of Tyne. Towed to South Shields, where broken propeller will be repaired.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 30/1/1898:
SPRAY, Capt. Smith, ran into and sank schooner OSPRAY off Souter Point, Durham. 4 of crew drowned. only one saved. [28/2/1895: Board of Trade enquiry - SPRAY's 2nd mate, Chalmers, gravely in default for failing to comply with regulations for preventing collisions at sea. Certificate suspended 12 months.]

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 7/11/1899:
SPRAY put back to Aberdeen after making water in storm. A good many hull plates sprung and keel badly damaged in 3 places.

Dundee Courier, 29/11/1900:
While entering Aberdeen, collided with steam trawler BENDIGO, SPRAY's bow badly damaged.
Pyman, Watson & Co, Cardiff
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
length 180 5/12' x breadth 28 1/12' x depth 14 3/6'
Gross Tonnage: 606 ton

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