Official Number
Yard Number: 179
Date of Build/Launch: August 1871

Description: 2 decks, 2 masts, schooner rigged, round stern, clencher built, no galleries of figurehead, iron frame, screw steamer. 2 engines inverted cylinders, direct acting made by Hall, Russell 7 Co. in 1871. Diameter of cylinders 22" and 37", length of stroke 2'6", 60HP.
(Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives))

4 bulkheads

1872/73: Master Farrow; Owner Morrison & Co.; Voyage Aberdeen - China
1874/75: No voyage given
1876/77: Official tonnage given as 277 with 446 underneath. Owner Douglas Lapraik & Co.; Surveyed Hong Kong
1878/80: Master Abbott
1881: Master Hunter
1882/83/84: Master Ashton; Fitted with awning deck
1883: Transferred to Douglas Steamship Co.,
1887: Sold to H.E. Reynell, Hyogo,
1890: Sold to "Kyoyeisha" K.K., Kobe renamed GENYO MARU
1897: Sold same name
1900: Sold idem
10 January 1904: wrecked near Osaka.

(Source: Lloyd's Register of Shipping)
(Source: www.theshiplist.com)

Aberdeen Journal, 10/1/1872:
From Overland China Mail, 25/11/1871: We are glad to welcome the new steamer HAI LOONG as addition to mercantile fleet of these waters, a second edition on a small scale, of well known steamer KWANG TUNG, intended for the Formosa trade. Steam vessels now making gradual but certain inroads in every branch of sea carrying trade. HAI LOONG and similar steamers under construction likely to prove most powerful competitors to the small sailing vessels which have previously monopolised the trade between island of Formosa and neighbouring Chinese ports. From her satisfactory trial trip from Aberdeen to Hong Kong, we should think her pre-eminently well adapted for trade for which she has been built. From start point to Port Said she was 15 days; from Port Said to Singapore direct only 25 and a half days. She made rather a long passage from there to Hong Kong, but this owing to very steady NE monsoon. She is well fitted in every way for foreign and native passengers and is commanded by Capt. Farlow. As to her construction and machinery, enough to say they are work of well known firm of Hall Russell and Co. of the Granite City.
D Lapraik & Co, Hong Kong
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
length 155 5/12' x breadth 24 1/12' x depth 9 11/12'
gross tonnage: 446 ton

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