Official Number
Yard Number: 171

Description: 1 deck, 2 masts, schooner rigged, round stern, clencher built, no galleries, semi male figurehead, screw steamer, 2 British made (Hall Russel) vertical direct acting engines, cylinder diameter 23 and a half inches and 42", length of stroke 2'6", 65HP.

Vessel registered De Novo, 26/10/1888 in Aberdeen. Due to alterations to tonnage to make space for propelling power, now 348 tons.
(Source: Aberdeen Shipping Register (Aberdeen City Archives))

Lloyd's Register:
1871-79: Master - A. Linklater; Owner - Aberdeen, Newcastle and Hull Steam Navigation Co.
1880-81: Master - Urquhart. Owner as previous.
1892: Master - Wright. Owner as previous.
1898: Master - A. McDonald; Owner - Aberdeen, Leith and Moray Steam Ship Co.

Featured in an advert in the 'Daily Free Press' 16th January 1897;
'screw steamer... with superior passenger accommodation. Passengers, goods and livestock carried... calling at Leith, Aberdeen, Buckie, Lossie, Burghead, Cromarty, Invergordon & Inverness.'

Voyage Inverness to Aberdeen 23rd Feb. 1904 Abandoned after collision and drifted ashore 2 miles South of Donmouth; became a total loss. Owners Aberdeen, Leith & Moray Firth Steam Shipping Co. Ltd.

Aberdeen Journal, 16/8/1871:
Aberdeen, Newcastle and Hull Steam Co.'s steamer JAMES HALL (new ship), etc., will sail, with LIBERTY to tow. Splendid passenger accommodation with stewards and stewardesses in attendance; 1st cabin 10s, 2nd cabin 5s; goods and livestock carried on deck at shipper's risk. Joseph Wood, 43a Marischal St.

Aberdeen Journal, 18/6/1873:
Fine A1 screw steamer James Hall, Capt. Andrew Linklater, will sail during July from Aberdeen 1, 8, 15, 22, 29; from Hull 4, 11, 18, 25; 1st cabin 15s, 2nd cabin 10s; passengers requested to take charge of own luggage.

Aberdeen Journal, 28/1/1874:
Aberdeen, Newcastle and Hull Steam Co.'s JAMES HALL will sail in February Aberdeen-Inverness 13, 27; Inverness-Aberdeen 14, 28; Aberdeen-Invergordon & Cromarty 6, 20; Invergordon & Cromarty-Aberdeen 7, 21; through fares to Newcastle and Hull; ample accommodation on deck for livestock.

Aberdeen Journal, 8/6/1878:
Steamer for sale - 1st class iron screw steamer JAMES HALL, built 1870 by Hall Russell under special survey and classed 90 A1 at Lloyds. Carries about 400 tons deadweight cargo, with 50 tons coal in bunkers. Compound engine, speed about 10 knots, coal consumption about 7 cwt per hour; good passenger accommodation. Has been principally employed in coasting trade carrying goods and passengers, and is only being sold owing to having no further use for her; steamer in fine order; owners Aberdeen, Newcastle and Hull Steam Co., Ltd. [Apparently unsold].

Glasgow Herald, 19/4/1880:
Election meeting in Evie and Kental, Orkney - Steamer JAMES HALL was to bring speakers home, but went ashore at Skerey on east side of Gairsay, floated off after hour or two.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 26/4/1880:
Mr. William Skirving, manager of Aberdeen, Newcastle and Hull Co. received telegram from Capt. Phillips on JAMES HALL, presently chartered by Dr. Badenoch, Conservative candidate, stating that mate, Alexander Mann fell overboard while anchor being secured at Bruce's Sand Lodge. Boat was launched and search continued for some time without success. Weather very stormy.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 14/9/1880:
Manager of Aberdeen Newcastle and Hull Steam Co. complained to Aberdeen harbour trustees that their steamer JAMES HALL recently made voyage to Hamburg - Return with sand ballast was charged at full tonnage dues. [Reversed].

Glasgow Herald, 13/1/1881:
In violent snowstorm JAMES HALL unable to sail to Aberdeen and north due to heavy sea punning at Aberdeen.

Glasgow Herald, 22/1/1881:
JAMES HALL put in yesterday at Longhope, Orkney, from S. Ronaldsay, being unable to call at Wick.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 12/3/1881:
JAMES HALL dragged anchor in hurricane force winds and stranded opposite north walls breakwater, Longhope. No material damage expected because of sandy beach.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 17/6/1881:
Aberdeen steamer JAMES HALL, Capt. Wright, intended to sail regularly between Glasgow and Aberdeen via Dundee, sailed from Dundee with 20 tons bail goods.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 25/1/1896:
JAMES HALL delayed overnight, Leith-Aberdeen with cargo, due to breakdown of shaft off Bell Roc. Crew made temporary repairs. (11/2/1896: Placed in graving dock for repairs.)

Glasgow Herald, 2/6/1900:
John Mackenzie, chief engineer of JAMES HALL, died yesterday after accident, supposed he had fallen when going aboard.
Aberdeen, Newcastle and Hull Steam Navigation Company, Aberdeen
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
length 174 5/12' x breadth 24 1/12' x depth 13 3/12'
Gross Tonnage: 366 ton

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