Yard Number: 104

Description: 1 deck, 2 mast, and a trysail, brigantine rigged, standing bowsprit, square stern, carvel built, no galleries, a female figurehead.

Subscribing owners: 1839 - Benjamin Moir, shipowner, 48 shares; Benjamin Robertson, shipmaster, 4 shares; Thomas Knowles, flesher, 8 shares. Other shareholders, John Gray, flesher, 4 shares. All Aberdeen. Registration cancelled in Aberdeen., 18th March 1852, the vessel now registered in Newcastle.
Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives)

Built for Benjamin Moir and others, Aberdeen, contract to build £2400.

1839: Master Robertson, route London to Cape of Good Hope
1846: Master R. Webster
1847: Route Aberdeen to Belfast
1848: Route Liverpool to Cuba
1849: Master J. Petrie, route Aberdeen - Baltic

Sank off the coast of Melbourne, Australia in 1854.

The wreck was discovered by divers in 2003 and a conservation management plan has been produced by Heritage Victoria, Australia. This report includes many photographs of the wreck itself and can be viewed online at the Heritage Victoria website.

Aberdeen Journal, 11/09/1850:
Brig COLUMBINE, from Liverpool 144 days to Sydney, struck the outer reef between Barwon Heads and Port Lonsdale at 11p.m. Saturday last. A sea pilot, Matthew Davidson, was aboard. Shortly after she struck all hands left her in the long boat, which upset in the surf and four persons were drowned - the pilot, the master's sister and a man and wife whose names at present unknown. Bodies have all been recovered.

Melbourne Argus, 31/07/1908:
There were four passengers on board COLUMBINE, wrecked at Barwon Heads April 1854. They were my mother and father, the Captain's sister and myself. Three were drowned, also the pilot. The Captain, the whole of the crew and I got safely ashore. (John Clark).

1840-41 Aberdeen - Cape of Good Hope
1843-45 Not recorded
1846 Aberdeen - not recorded
1847 Belfast Coaster
1848 Liverpool-Cuba
1849-51 Aberdeen - Baltic
1852 No trace in Lloyds
A. HALL & Co., Aberdeen
length 79' 5" x breadth 20' 2" x depth 13' 7"
tonnage 176 tons
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